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sumSolutions exists to enhance the lives of Chicago's youth through developmental programs focused in sportsmanship, education and technology. Since the organizations inception in 2013, our founders sole purpose has been to help kids bridge the gap from home to success, through the available resource within their community. Minority groups within the community face several social issues that do not transfer well in today's workforce. By channeling the skills learned in athletics, we have been able to help students transfer these skills for longterm career, developmental and social success.



My name is Fabian Conner, an advocate of Change and proud Chicagoan! After a frustrating football season my sophomore year of high school, I was contacted by Anita Efron to attend the Revie Sorey All-Pro Football Camp free of charge. Through my relationship with Revie and Mrs. Anita, I learned a better way to approach the game and to make it fun; on to a great high school career. After earning over 30 full scholarship offers over two seasons under Coach Jerry Reed, I graduated from Prosser Career Academy in 2004 and chose to attend Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.

   While struggling to make adjustments as a college freshman, my position coaches Lou Anarumo and Chris Clopton took me under their wing and charged me to challenge myself academically, socially, and athletically. By possessing the determination to work hard an take instruction; having coaches that cared as much as I did about my future made it easier to push towards the goals I had for myself. My experiences taught me how coaching involved much more than knowledge of X's and O's; they were mentors, motivators, and teachers.

   In 2008, I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and an A.S. in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. After playing in various AFL leagues and pursuing the NFL for 4 seasons, I founded sumSolutions in 2013. sumSolutions (81-4019008) is a Chicago-based non profit organization geared towards assisting kids in their life goals by promoting a three-tiered program focused on sharpening their minds, physical skills, and financial freedom.

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