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sumSolutions seeks to restore 4320 W. Madison St., also reffered to as "The Madison Experience" (TME) into a space that serves the residents of the community. The Madison Experience (TME) will serve as a safe haven in the center of Chicago's west side providing, housing, mentorship, technology education as well as a place for kids to develop their athletic abilities. In order to support our organization's mission, we intend to provide additonal commercial space for approved local business owners for rent. Creating another opprotuity for students to gain hands on expereice working with local entrepenuers and business owners. 



The building will consist of (24) residential affordable housing units, specifically geared towards single parent families. The lower level of the building will house an onsite childcare center for infants and toddlers. As well as a gymnasium, which is a focal point for the work we do at sumSolutions for athletic development. In addition a technology resource lab that will include partnership programs in solar energy, computer coding, and robotics.

This building has been deemed structurally sound by a structural engineer. Due the prolonged vacancy of roughly 10+ years, the interior components have debilitated. The effects of long term weather damage has created hazardous concerns for the interior. Additionally, the electrical conduit piping and wiring has been stolen.


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