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sumSolutions organizes opportunities for tutors and mentors to meet with students weekly for homework, upcoming test/exam preparation and studying. Additionally, students have access to mentors/speakers who can counsel on the many different layers being from the Austin and West Garfield Park neighborhoods and inner-city Chicago; providing them a retrospective point of view about current similar situations.

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We begin to sharpen the student’s ability by asking, “What can you do to help make someone’s life better?”. With a specific focus on computer coding, robotics and solar energy; we start to blend their skills with what they want to accomplish in life by assisting students in research of services and programs that specifically speak to their aspirations.



sumSolutions mission is to change and shape lives. It is our firm belief that athletic fields and courts are classrooms. Tools that are learned to be competitive in sport are transferable to everyday life situations. We help assist student-athletes in their pursuit of competing at the next level. Athletic ability is improved by assisting students in physical training, and position specific skill training in whichever sport(s) is most interesting to them. We make sure our students are empowered by teaching them to prepare for excellence and create opportunities for themselves.


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